Over the past six years, Pearl & Godiva have built an eponymous brand and a reputation for creating beauteous conceptualised editorials and organically cultivated events whilst simultaneously rejuvenating the world of bridal and event styling. The launch of Pearl & Godiva not only caused a storm, it caused a sensation in the industry, it was fresh, original and provided a guiding light style for many.

By stepping outside of the box and casting off staid conventions Pearl & Godiva have redefined the art of styling. Highly conceptualised and narrative led, their editorials use a unique visual language which is both organic and avant garde, layered with scents of a renaissance and suggestions of humility, the duo simply have a noteworthy skill for breathing life into their imagery. Pearl & Godiva editorials and event designs tell a deeper story, arouse emotions, and spark a fire in the belly.

The design philosophy behind the designer duo is natural instinct and a state of the art epiphany, but never too over-thought or contrived. Pearl & Godiva certainly put their own spin on style, having the dexterity to annotate raw emotions and pure sentiment into rare and exceptional imagery.