Over the past six years, Pearl & Godiva have built an eponymous brand and reputation for creating out of this world and beauteous events whilst simultaneously rejuvenating the world of bridal and event styling. The launch of Pearl & Godiva not only caused a sensation, it caused a storm in the industry, it was fresh, original and provided a guiding light style for many.

By stepping outside of the box and casting off staid conventions Pearl & Godiva have redefined the art of styling. Highly conceptualised and fashion led, their photoshoots use a unique visual language which is both organic and avant garde, layered with iconography and suggestions of a narrative that breathes life into the imagery. Their photoshoots and event designs tell a deeper story, arouse emotions, and spark a fire in the belly.

The design philosophy behind the designer duo is natural instinct, and a state of the art epiphany, but never too over-thought or contrived. Pearl & Godiva certainly put their own spin on style, and thus remain completely unrivaled in the industry.

Their work speaks for itself. Now let this duo show you the behind the scenes, open their doors to their process of creation, and vow to teach you this state of the art epiphany that is behind their success plus everything they know with this highly sought after 3 day workshop. Workshops are suitable for all creatives. A Beauteous Workshop by Pearl & Godiva

Their effortless teaching style transforms the way that we think about art and design. Their workshops are the perfect place for photographers, planners and artists in general to gain a sense of what it means to compose the perfect story - from start to end.
— Jen Huang - Photographer