THE ART OF IMAGERY - Salubria, Virginia - Laura Gordon

THE ART OF IMAGERY - Salubria, Virginia - Laura Gordon


2nd-3rd of October 2018

Explore with Pearl & Godiva THE ART OF IMAGERY over a 2 day period, in the bosom of the beautiful and atmospheric setting that is - Salubria - alongside venerated master photographer - Laura Gordon.

This workshop focuses on all things deep and soulful - Replenishment, Restoration and Renewal within ourselves and within our artistry.

Let us guide you outside the box and in the process also learning to cast off staid conventions whilst redefining your perception of THE ART OF IMAGERY. We will disclose ways to discover your own unique visual language and help you unearth skills for breathing life into your imagery.

Let's us lead you to imagery - that has the power to tell a deeper story, arouse emotions, and spark that fire in the belly.

We will discover endless ways to nourish and feed our mind, heart and souls, find harmony and positive energies, all the while gaining vital insights into how to breathe 'the you' into imagery - and accentuate - all that you are.

Suitable for all creatives. A workbook and a light lunch is included. Accommodation/Transport is not included and must be sought independently.

1 Day Classroom , 1 Day Editorials

Please note this is a workshop stripped bare of luxuries such as welcome presents, welcome dinners. Ostentation and unnecessary embellishments you will not find here, hence we are able to offer to you this cut-price fee - but do come for the learning, the observation, and the wisdom. We can assure you - that this workshop is instead - extravagant in knowledge, expertise and substance - you will gain powerful insights into yourself. These insights will become so invaluable in awakening your inner artist and will continue to confidently guide you on your journey through THE ART OF IMAGERY for a long time to come.

Pearl and Co.


Image Credit: Carrie King


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