Amsterdam European Wedding Congress

“Love's gift cannot be given, it waits to be accepted.”
~ Rabindranath Tagore

Serene and poised, a delicate blossom, quietly she waits. Her strength belies her wrapping and bindings, yet, quietly she waits. He longs to see her, stolen glances of her solitary moments, a voyeur of her serenity. She does not search for love, but love finds her, yet, quietly she waits.

Taking our inspiration by the Dutch Masters, we came together to create transcendent reflections. Vermeer, Rembrandt and their contemporaries captured moments, real moments - their protagonists did not gaze woodenly from the frame, posed and eyes cloaked. They instead captured their fleeting thoughts and emotions, rendering them in exquisite detail, embracing rawness and truth over all else.

"The Lady in Waiting"

Production, Creative Direction & Styling : Pearl & Godiva | Photography: KT Merry |  Hair Stylist: Lonne from Fashion Hair Stylist | Makeup : Sophie McMullan from Beautisserie | Gowns : Applique Gown by Vera Wang, Gold Long Tadashi Gown supplied by ovet Boutique ; Green tulle Gown by Maria Lluisa Rabel supplied by Myrtle Ivory Boutique | Jewellery : Kristin Hayes Jewellery | Antique Collar: Famille Ribeaucourt | Florals : Mary Lennox | Decor : Wildschut Antiques & Oddities | Stationery : Moira Ink Design | Models : Veerle at Papparazzi Models, Amsterdam and Tom P at Ulla Models, Amsterdam | Shot on location at Kasteel de Hooge Vuursche, The Netherlands.

pearl collins