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In the line of beauty, a sweet thing.

Down to earth. Lover of all things organic, natural textiles and earthy textures. Sun saluter and star gazer, north star obsession. Needs space to dream. Passion for minimalism. The girl with the pearl earring. Farmer’s wife and mother to four little people.

Pearl Collins, a master and model stylist, is one of this industry’s rare breed of unique image-makers. Her sweet sapidity of stylishness lead her into the styling industry via modelling, featuring her first shoot in The Face magazine in 2003.

For 7 years Pearl worked as a freelance advertising and editorial stylist in London. She also consulted on interiors, venues, shows and collections. Despite great success, she craved for a change of career that would allow her to solely balance simple beauty with an eye for detail. A relocation to Ireland provided a new start and the solution became to turn her passion into a business – Pearl & Godiva was born.

She lives in West Cork with husband Michael and children Tallulah, Oliyen, Micah and Olive. Alongside designing for prestigious clients, she is regularly asked to contribute and write for publications worldwide. Feast your eyes on her organic aesthetics, well crafted and artful style, which lives a lifetime.



Artisan designer and the leading planning lady, indelible.

Adventurer. Curator of all things fine art, tangible and luminescent. Always looking for light, revelations and musings. Bon viveur and sworn tea drinker. Brainchild of Wedding Sparrow. Sagacious and far sighted. Wedding industry devotee. Wife to a Creative Director and one-day puppy mum.

Standing behind the film and fine art wedding industry has been Sara’s objective from the very beginning and after such an international success, she continues to grow this unique brand that is Wedding Sparrow, sourcing unseen and heart stirring inspiration for the discerning bride.

Alongside this Sara’s passion for styling fine art projects extends to her masterly skill for wedding planning – she covers events anywhere from her base in the UK to Timbuktu. Accomplished organizer and co-ordinator. Pearl & Sheena are fellow ambitious stylists and craftswomen, together the trio share a common love for the beauteous.

She lives in Dorset with husband Andrew near the beach currently renovating their Victorian home. If you are as fortunate to have Sara lay her hands on your event, prepare to be moved. No more building castles in the sky, this leading lady will turn your dreams into a beauteous reality.



A rare gem, bringing luminosity.

Craftswoman, worker in pen, paper and paint. Loves to create, to magic something out of thin air. Urban escape partisan. A sailor and child of the ocean, wind and hilltop. Wife of a fire-fighter, Mama to baby Willow, and not forgetting Hamish, their enormous Irish Red Setter. 

With 10 years working an Art Director in one of Ireland’s leading ad agencies, Sheena developed and produced creative artwork and concepts for Europe-wide Big Brand campaigns. Her transition into weddings and events happened swiftly. Shifting her expertise in all things visual and experiential from corporate to considered has been revelation, allowing her to embrace her client's stories and personalities as her muse to create artful events. 

Having met with Pearl they found that they had common passions, drive and dreams for the future. What's more, their expertise complimented each other in infinite ways, and before long, she became the “Godiva” in Pearl & Godiva.

She lives in Dublin, a stones-throw from the sea, the woods and cliffs, close to family and life-long friends. Experience her alchemy, turning thoughtful designs into pure gold, and consider them precious family keepsakes for generations to come.